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We offer translation service from all languages of the European Union into English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Byelorussian, Czech, Ukrainian and the three Baltic languages. However, our close relations with partner agencies enable us to provide translations into any language of the world. The Balticlanguages team has the skill and knowledge to handle texts from a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels, from simple letters and notes to complex technical drawings or directions for the use of medical devices or pharmaceutical products. Terminology research is also performed as required. We are confident to offer the best value for your translation investment with various European languages. Balticlanguages uses state of the art translation environment technology (such as Trados, SDLX, Cafetran and OmegaT) and can deliver both “cleaned” target files and interoperable translation memory resources (TMX) as required. It goes without saying that complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

What is Balticlanguages?

Balticlanguages provides convenient translation services between the Baltic languages and those of Western and Eastern Europe. For 20 years, Balticlanguages has shown its mastery with excellent subject knowledge, linguistic skills and superior technical execution, delivering great translations on time when you need them. Our clientele includes leading manufacturers, banks, and other Latvian firms as well as numerous foreign companies known throughout the world. But whoever you are, no job is too big or too small for Balticlanguages. Our clients are situated around the world, across the range of time zones, and Balticlanguages is on the job for them every day.

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To ensure the highest quality translations in various subject areas, a degree in linguistics or translation is often not enough. A deeper understanding of topics and terminology is also required. The translators with whom we work are highly experienced in their areas of specialty. Our team includes certified translators as well as professionals working in such fields such as public legislation, economics, technology, advertising, medicine, pharmaceuticals, etc. Each translation is done by a person who is a native speaker of the respective target language. Balticlanguages always selects the translator with the most suitable professional background for each job.

Other Services


Balticlanguages also offers proofreading and editing services in which the text quality is examined carefully and improved as necessary. Proofreading is strongly recommended for documents intended for publication in print or electronic format. To achieve the highest quality, we pay close attention to the content, style, spelling, punctuation and clarity of the text.


Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a certain country, region or group. It involves a thorough consideration of the target culture or market environment, which is to make the product compatible with the local culture, customs and modes of expression.


Adaptation is the process taking the ideas of a source text, translating them and rewriting them in a new mode, making them more appropriate for the new target audience. Adaptation is usually applied in the translation of fiction and marketing or advertising texts if one must choose whether to preserve the literal meaning of the source text or replace it with something more appealing to the new audience.